Case Study.

Organisation for the supply of laboratory consumables.

Digital demand forecast laboratory consumables.

The Challenge.

It was a company that manufactures consumables for laboratories and has large amounts of important data. However, the different data systems were not synchronised and there was no common interface or single source of truth. Questions like: What are the actual, planned or projected confirmed quantities of each product? Is it possible to produce a reliable gap analysis of the demand forecast? Which products do we need to order, for which countries, for which time period? What is the lack of transparency for each country? Which products can be bundled? What is the total demand for products per country?

The Benefits.

  • Initial status quo analysis including maturity assessment, identification of pain points or bottlenecks and determination of resources
  • Recognising symptoms, hypothesising, identifying key factors and developing options to move forward
  • Strategy and process development through co-creation towards a cross-functional, lean process landscape
  • Conducting workshops on communication, stakeholder and change management
  • Positive reinforcement through quick wins that lead to sustainable buy-in

The Outcome.


Managing product demand and cash flows. Fewer late or urgent orders. Improved ability to organise pooled procurement.


Pain points and bottlenecks. Breaking down the Ice Dashboards can start important discussions. Visualising countries or customers that are working well and those that are not


Risk management for stakeholders, countries and third parties. Improved warehouse monitoring and transaction tracking

The Result.

Transparent management of demand and budget flow via digital dashboards and tools