Case Study.

Digital Demand Forecast for Supply Chain Management of Health Products.​

Global demand management of health products.

The Challenge.

A huge amounts of late orders in combination with short shelf-life times were present. Lack of transparency and flexibility due to ad-hoc and manual orders. Five main product categories with almost two thousand specifications for more than a hundred focus countries. Limited supply chain expertise and capacities present to ensure reliable and sustainable delivery of health products. Finally, no on-stock information, no qualified person in place at the different countries and a variety of different stakeholders were detected as main points of interest.

The Benefits.

  • Development of a digital wireframe prototype focused on demand planning and supply chain strengthening
  • Agile optimization via Scrum-Approach including several sprints
  • Quick Proof-of-Concept implementation in a selected range of countries
  • Continuous stakeholder management and positive reinforcement system via strong quick wins as well as easy to use and pragmatic solutions
  • Efficient communication plan to ensure compliance and collaborative development of all stakeholders

The Outcome.


Transparency of demand planning via on-stock product levels and flexibility due to early order input​


demand forecast dashboards including actual, planned and planned confirmed quantities, gap analyses and country heat maps​.


Supply of essential health products including on-time in-full delivery.

The Result.

Strengthening global demand planning and supply chain management