Case Study.

Establishment of a solid supplier management system and continuous monitoring

Risk-based classification of suppliers and implementation of supplier qualification.

The Challenge.

Pharmaceutical companies are supplied by a large number of suppliers that must be qualified for use.
To introduce a sound supplier qualification system, all suppliers were listed and classified on the basis of the product quality supplied. Based on this, individually suitable measures for initial qualification and requalification were defined (e.g. audit, checklist, etc.). Furthermore, continuous monitoring measures were introduced in order to be able to take timely action depending on supplier performance. The systems were implemented in such a way that suppliers can be continuously and effectively evaluated and qualified.

The Benefits.

  • All-encompassing listing of contracted suppliers and service providers incl. delivered product quality
  • Conduct an FMEA to assess the criticality of suppliers.
  • Determination of initial and routine supplier qualification measures
  • Implementation of supplier qualifications (audits, reviews, checklists, etc.)

The Outcome.

Clear supplier classification.

Simplification of supplier registration and material allocation for employees.

Supplier qualification system.

Establish sound and sustainable standards for supplier qualification.

Sustainable supplier monitoring.

Transparent control of supplier performance and risk mitigation.

The Result.

Sustainable supplier qualification system for continuous qualification and new supplier intake.