Case Study.

OEE in a production facility for biochemical active ingredients.

Overall equipment efficiency in API production.

The Challenge.

The current mono production line had obviously reached its capacity limit. There was no overall line efficiency and no systematic loss time recording. In addition, there was inefficient communication between upstream and downstream process teams and insufficient capacity planning. The final issue identified was a high number of stop times due to the cleaning processes.

The Benefits.

  • Detailed overall planning
  • Budgeting and planning of the entire development project from technical development through clinical validation and technical documentation to market launch
  • Well-founded decisions in the sense of efficient control through status reports and evaluation of partial target achievement
  • Management and control of the project team through efficient project meetings on a weekly basis

The Outcome.


Project definition, planning and tracking as well as reporting on selected KPIs


Reduction in overall product costs


Capacities based on efficient team and task management

The Result.

Reduction of project costs by 20% in 12 months