Case Study.

Operational Excellence in Pharma Engineering.

Strategic transformation with a focus on continuous development. Gradual introduction of the operational excellence culture.

The Challenge.

Sufficient knowledge about Operational Excellence was already present before the start of the project. Nevertheless, some deficits in operational excellence implementation were identified due to the lack of change management and mindset. A lack of resources to follow up Operational Excellence aspects and culture was also identified. Furthermore, the technologies, tools, systems and processes used were neither sufficiently lived nor continuously optimised.

The Benefits.

  • Develop a communication plan and stakeholder engagement system based on positive reinforcement and quick initialised quick wins.
  • Design of a customer-specific and sustainable CIP with individual process steps incl. piloting
  • Coaching and training of the project teams supported by clear roles and responsibilities as well as error culture
  • Maintaining and tracking the OpEx culture through regular check-ups

The Outcome.

Continuous 5S

Improving productivity or sample throughput

Efficient CIP

and enjoyment of continuous optimisation across all quality control interfaces

Effective SMED

Reduction of the effort for documentation and control

The Result.

Sustainable implementation of OpEx within 12 months