Entourage goes. Digital. With the "go-digital.

Entourage becomes a partner for the funding programme "go-digital" of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy.
Entourage becomes an authorised partner for the go-digital funding programme of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

The Corona crisis and the inevitable need to outsource many business processes to the digital world has once again demonstrated, especially to small and medium-sized enterprises, the challenge posed by the digitization of all business areas.

The go-digital funding programme of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy supports medium-sized and small companies in digitising their processes. In order to relieve the companies of bureaucracy, the application and further processing is completely taken over by authorized consulting companies such as Entourage.

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Entourage becomes go-digital consulting firm.

Entourage was authorized by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to support companies in the digitalization of everyday business and the increasing need for security in digital networking.
Small companies in particular are facing challenges in terms of information security today. Our consultants can help you prepare for your TISAX® audit.

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Dr. Igor Tchoudovski, Head of Management Consulting at Entourage, is looking forward to the collaboration. "We have seen that Germany is still lagging behind in terms of digitalization. Perhaps in some places significantly further than people are willing to admit. Go-digital gives us the opportunity to actively support small and medium-sized companies in particular with the challenges and take a lot of tedious work off their hands. go-digital is a great offer from the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and everyone who has the opportunity should take advantage of it. We are definitely ready!"

Further information on the service offered.

The content of the consultation includes:

  • Individual, expert advice and support for beneficiary companies in the implementation of necessary measures for the digital networking of IT systems in accordance with the current state of knowledge and technology.
  • Orientation of the advice to the needs of the beneficiary company and the associated selection of modules

As a consulting firm, Entourage performs the following tasks:

  • Assumption of overall responsibility for the respective project
  • Verification of the eligibility of the company to be advised
  • Application
  • Contractual obligation of the enterprise to be advised to pay its own share and to permit performance reviews by the BMWi, its agents and the Federal Court of Auditors
  • Competition-neutral consulting from analysis to implementation
  • Documentation of the management performance in the proof of use, consisting of numerical proof as well as a meaningful, comprehensible factual report.

Funding is provided for consultancy services in a selected main module with any necessary ancillary modules at a funding rate of 50 percent on a maximum daily consultancy rate of 1,100 euros. The scope of funding is a maximum of 30 days in a period of six months.

Short profile go-digital.

The go-digital funding programme supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and craft enterprises that want to optimise their business processes with the help of digital solutions. Specifically, consulting and implementation services are funded that are carried out by authorised consulting companies in the three modules "Digital Market Development", "Digitalised Business Processes" and "IT Security". In order to relieve the companies of bureaucracy, the application and further processing will be completely taken over by the consulting companies.

Short Profile Entourage.

Entourage is a Life Science consulting company founded in Munich in 2013. We inspire our team to tackle new challenges and support them in taking extraordinary paths to achieve the best possible results. We work with market leaders in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries to develop customized solutions that create connections from which success stories are born. Our unique approach of project and management consulting enables us to provide unique life science solutions to our clients. We believe that our diverse and interdisciplinary team of currently over 150 employees is our key to success.

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