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Be ready for the 26 May 2022 deadline with ISO 13485:2016- and IVDR-compliant products with Consulting from Entourage.


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IVDR Consulting needed?

A brief summary of the new IVDR Regulation.


  • New classification system A to D
  • Technical documentation even more detailed
  • Increased involvement of Notified Bodies
  • Preparation of the performance evaluation
  • Stricter vigilance requirements


  • Change in risk classification
  • Limited resources of Notified Bodies
  • Increased effort
  • More rigorous clinical evaluation and documentation  

In a hurry.

The European Commission End of May 2017 a extensive, challenging
Regulation published. The IVDR resolves the IVDD (98/79/EC) already in May 2022 from.


  • Classification of IVDs According to risk
  • Definition of common specifications
  • Marking by means of UDI
  • Electronic Market surveillance
  • Designation of the 'person responsible for regulatory compliance' Article 15 Person
  • Electronic market surveillance (EUDAMED)

From IVDD to IVDR with IVDR Consulting from Entourage.

IVDR Consulting needed?

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Case Study.

Preparation of the Technical Documentation for submission to the Notified Body under IVDR.

The client, a large global player, is preparing its products for the IVDR. First, a GAP analysis was performed to see which products will be submitted under the IVDR and which ones were removed from the product portfolio.


  • Prioritization and classification of products for the creation of technical documentation
  • Templates and templates were created and adjustments made in the SOPs (e.g. PMS).
  • Example product was gradually transferred to the IVDR TD
  • TD could be successfully submitted to the appointing authority

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