Entourage supports customers in optimising processes in the laboratory environment. We focus on transparency of process and project planning and key data, a reduction of time through digitalised tools and more efficiency in the entire process landscape through Lean and OpEx Management.

Laboratories play an essential role in pharmaceutical, chemical and healthcare companies. After the discovery or selection of active ingredients from different compound collections, design, route finding and chemical synthesis take place. Subsequently, multi-gram scale reactions are performed in process optimisation laboratories to prepare the synthetic route for pilot and mass production up to the first validation batches.

Research and development, process transfer and quality control or diagnostic laboratories fulfil important functions within the entire pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Quality control laboratories in particular play a key role within the value chain. They make the difference between a vulnerable and a robust supply chain. Modern supply chains are made up of highly optimised, digitalised and partially automated quality control laboratories that make processes as resilient and transparent as possible.

Diagnostic laboratories also benefit from these advanced tools and procedures. Their role in daily life is a crucial one. The COVID-19 pandemic, as one of the most challenging global crises, has shown that there is an increasing demand for rapid test results through a fully process-ready laboratory environment.


Transparency in process and project planning, sample flow and key data.


Reduction of time-consuming manual effort via digitally  enabled tools.


Efficiency across the lab process landscape with lean and operational excellence management.

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Digitally enabled and Process fine-tuned Laboratories.

Our approach for the laboratory landscape 2030plus.

In recent years, digital and automated technologies have been developed that offer suitable and very attractive opportunities to initiate change in pharmaceutical laboratories. Most of these improvement levers are already one hundred per cent available and fully cost-efficient.

Full system integration, GMP-compliant electronic laboratory notebooks, visual performance management via digital dashboards, transparent KPI tracking or SOPs via smart glasses or tablets are already available. Furthermore, advanced analytics performed by data scientists or data engineers enable a more efficient lab resource planning and scheduling. 

Real-time trending, AI-assisted problem solving and automated inventory management are also ready for roll-out and bring significant benefits.

Entourage helps customers achieve
more efficiency and transparency
in laboratory operations.

Our Laboratory Operations Quick Check.


  • Request of key data, information, innovation level and stakeholder insights
  • Review of shared data and documents for preparation
  • Organisation of a scoping workshop with project sponsor, lead and core team
  • Preparation of a cross-functional interview schedule
  • Conduction of the on-site scoping workshop
Scoping Workshop


  • Gap and maturity assessment of all laboratories
  • Recommendation of appropriate improvement levers
  • Development of a client-specific lean lab concept with defined work packages
  • Prioritization of tasks per work package
  • Collection of feedback based on ways of working
  • Presentation of results within the project team
QuickCheck Report


  • On-site visit of all relevant sites
  • Conduction of stakeholder interviews
  • Identification of the strengths and weaknesses of each laboratory
  • Mapping of the processes, tools, systems and capabilities of each QC laboratory
  • Comparison of lab innovation level via industry best practice benchmarking
  • Analysis of the interfaces to R&D, QA and production


  • Elaboration of a detailed project plan for the design phase
  • Selection of cross-functional teams per work package
  • Definition of a pragmatic communication structure
  • Introduction of a joint PMO for project steering and oversight
  • Organization of a multi-site kick-off

Our work packages.

Entourage supports the conception and implementation of a lean laboratory landscape.

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