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Human Resources Consulting in Life Science.
The offer.

With our blend of deep industry knowledge and genuine empathy, we find the right expert for long-term success.

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Life Science Personnel Consulting. Our approach.


We not only look for the candidate whose CV fits, but also pay attention to whether he or she fits your corporate culture. We combine your long-term business plans with the candidate's career goals.


We specialise in pharmaceuticals, medical technology and healthcare. We know the industry, the decision-makers and their needs. We know the market and know where and how to find the perfect candidate for you.

Recruitment consultant.

We are specialised consultants with experience in filling executive positions in Pharma, Medical Technology and HealthCare. Our teams, divided into submarkets, act as a central point of contact for clients and candidates.


We have a very broad network of experts and managers from different sectors. We also have a network of over 10,000 experts from Pharma, HealthCare and Medical Technology.

Personnel consulting. The placement process.

The process of a recruitment in Life Science in detail. We analyse, identify and recruit the perfect employee for your vacancy.

We analyse your situation.
Duration: 1 week
  • Workshop on the qualitative and quantitative analysis of personnel requirements in pharmaceuticals, medical technology and HealthCare
  • Recording the requirement profiles (minimum requirements, nice-to-have and exclusion criteria)
  • Analysis of the actual personnel acquisition processes
  • Analysis of the possible causes of staff turnover or bottlenecks in expert recruitment
  • Coordination of research sources for the creation of the long list
  • Optional: Implementation of a professional assessment process
  • Optional: Bridging the vacancy with experienced interim managers (within 48 hours if necessary)
We analyse your situation.
We identify suitable candidates.
Duration: 1 to 5 weeks
  • Carrying out the holistic research process in expert communities, job advertisements, networks and databases
  • Identification of suitable experts
  • Addressing the target persons by the responsible personnel consultants
  • Creation of a long list with at least 10 candidates
  • Pre-selection of candidates via reference checks and interviews
  • Coordination of the results with the human resources department or the management
  • Creation of a short list with at least three candidates per vacancy
We identify suitable candidates.
We win the perfect candidate.
Duration: 2 weeks
  • Identification of suitable experts
  • Conducting the interviews in coordination with the client
  • Accompanying the contract negotiation
  • Supporting candidates with relocation
  • Preparation of a familiarisation plan with the involvement of the departments
  • Supporting the client in the onboarding of employees
We win the perfect candidate.

Premium vs. basic search. The comparison.

As a specialised life science recruitment consultancy, we offer two different search models. Choose the recruitment service that suits your needs.


  • High individualisation of the search through intensive consulting services in the analysis phase
  • High efficiency in the placement process through personal support from the Entourage consultant 
  • Direct approach to suitable candidates (headhunting)
  • Maximum chances of success through multi-channel research approach
  • Sustainable mediation through support beyond the conclusion of the contract


  • Definition of process milestones
  • Liquidation of the performance-based payment via milestone-related tranches


  • Adoption of existing requirement profiles
  • Comparison of the profiles with the company's internal database
  • Addressing the personal network
  • Completion of the mediation process in the event of a contract award


  • Payment on a commission basis

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Case Study. Life Science Personnel Consulting.

Premium Search Qualified Person.

The company.
Medium-sized contract manufacturer in the Rx and OTC sector with production and development site in southern Germany.

The challenge.
Unsuccessful search for knowledgeable person. Slowing down approval processes and increasing economic pressure.

The approach.
Analysis of the personnel acquisition process and development of a new strategy. Use of the personal network and personal approach to suitable candidates.

The result.
Presentation of three suitable candidates within 4 weeks. Monitoring of the selection process and filling of the vacancy within 2 months. Start of the new QP 5 months after awarding the premium search.

The benefit.
Pragmatic solution to all release obstacles. Significant acceleration of the release processes and ensuring the economic efficiency of the site.

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