The diverse production processes in pharmaceuticals, chemistry, biotechnology or medical technology are of increasing importance to our society. Entourage supports life science companies with state-of-the-art processes, tools, technologies and strategies to ensure greater efficiency and transparency across the entire production landscape.
Within the pharma-specific manufacturing processes, the overarching process flow consists of three main steps: 1. the synthesis of a drug substance (DS), e.g. an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), 2. the subsequent conversion into the drug product (DP) using additional excipients and processes to the appropriate dosage form, e.g. liquid, solid and semi-solid forms or therapeutic systems (patches, implants). And 3. Finally, the production of the finished drug product with appropriate primary and secondary packaging.

Our experienced and hands-on consultants are ready to redesign, develop, implement and continuously improve all process aspects and interfaces with your company in a joint team to find sustainable and competitive solutions.

No matter the sector or environment: from an API manufacturing facility to filling and finishing CMOs, or even in complex medical device manufacturing.


Design digital dashboard prototypes to visualize key process data, including performance management, production planning, capacity planning, and utilization tracking.


Reduce operational disruptions, establish faster, more coordinated shift changes, more timely efficient, well-integrated equipment changes, and more streamlined process flows.


Identify, develop and implement the right levers for operational excellence in the manufacturing environment, including capability building and training for Lean employees.

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Our Approach.

The path to an efficient and transparent Production Operations process landscape.

To ensure adequate output in a manufacturing environment with 24/7 operating hours, factors such as visual performance management, real-time monitoring and tracking, data-driven decision making, and lean and operational excellence are key to maintaining competitiveness.

Lansagme and uncoordinated plant changeovers, poorly integrated cleaning validations, or shift changes that are not fine-tuned and unorganized can already lead to major disruptions and operational difficulties. And this is only a small part of the problems a production site can face.

Our Entourage experts don't just focus on the typical manufacturing-related issues and bottlenecks. They care about the big picture including every major interface with examples such as production wait times due to IPC measurement QC issues, recurring and inefficient production slot changes due to non-transparent, poor forecast quality, or simply unreleased or untested source materials due to unclear and fragmented communication, planning, or even time-consuming paperwork.

Finding and quickly onboarding shift managers, production staff, and/or operators within a short period of time can also be challenging and is supported by one of our implementation managers to ensure maximum remaining capacity for day-to-day operations.

The following is a proposed consulting team that includes all the disciplines necessary to co-create a more transparent, efficient, up-to-date, and proactive manufacturing operations landscape at your company or site.

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Production Operations Expertise.

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Entourage team merlin idris

Merlin Idris


Specialist for advanced analytics, digitalization and smart factories

Entourage team dirk duesterhoeft

Dirk Düsterhöft

Senior Management Consultant

Computer system validation, data integrity and IT infrastructure expert

Entourage team thomas koblizek

Dr Thomas Koblizek

Senior Project Consultant

MedTec and IVD expert for production planning, management and transfer

Our Case Studies.

Discover our Case Studies in Production Operations.

Case Study.

OEE in a production facility for biochemical active ingredients.

Overall equipment efficiency in API production.

Case Study.

Operational Excellence in Pharma Engineering.

Strategic transformation with a focus on continuous development. Gradual introduction of the operational excellence culture.

Case Study.

Process Optimisation for the Market Launch of an API Product.

Process Optimization for an Animal Health API Product Launch at a global-oriented CDMO Site.

Case Study.

Sterile filling and packaging.

Implementation of Lean Six Sigma in a pharmaceutical company with focus on sterile filling and packaging.

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