Advisory Board.

The Entourage Advisory Board.

The Entourage Advisory Board is our expert committee. Its members have decades of experience in science and business.

They have in-depth technical expertise, proven leadership skills, strategic know-how and established networks.

They help us to develop further and to offer our customers the best possible.

Entourage donal quinn advisory board

Donal Quinn

Donal Quinn began his professional career with a degree in economics, followed by a degree in accounting.
His professional career has taken him to various management positions in the healthcare sector, including medical technology and diagnostics companies. His core competencies include leading companies on a global level, the strategic alignment of companies and the management of major projects in the healthcare sector. He held senior positions at Abbott Laboratories and later at Mallinckrodt Medical, followed by Dade Behring, before taking on the role of CEO at Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. There he led the company's operations in 70 countries and managed 14,000 employees in numerous manufacturing and research facilities. He founded Quinn Healthcare, where he serves as Chairman. He is also an Operating Partner at Advent International and a board member of Omega Laboratories Inc.

Entourage advisory board juergen freund

Jürgen Freund

Jürgen Freund first trained as an industrial clerk. He later earned his diploma in business administration (FH) at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.
Mr Freund has 30+ years of experience as a global procurement executive and has a broad range of know-how and experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics and medical technology industries. Mr. Freund has held positions including Global Head of Procurement at Merck Generics, London, UK, Head of Purchasing at Merck Serono in Geneva, Switzerland, Head of Procurement Region Europe and Head of Corporate Sourcing Segment Services at Merck in Darmstadt, Germany. Most recently, Mr Freund held the position of Chief Procurement Officer at B.Braun in Melsungen. Thanks to his many years in global management positions in procurement, he has a broad network both within and outside the industry.
Jürgen Freund supports Entourage as an advisory board member.

Entourage wins volker bargon

Volker Bargon

Volker Bargon began his professional career with a degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Stuttgart, which he supplemented with a degree in industrial engineering at the AKAD University of Applied Sciences.

Mr. Bargon's professional expertise spans various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, biopharma, B2B chemical specialties and P&L responsibility. During his career, he has held numerous leadership positions, most notably at Lonza AG and Boehringer Ingelheim. His core competencies include improving business results, transforming business functions, executing growth strategies and managing global operations, supply chain and sourcing. Bargon's career has been marked by significant achievements such as driving performance along multiple value chains, executing multiple business transformations and integrating acquisitions.

Entourage advisory board thomas nothegger

Dr. Thomas Nothegger

Dr Thomas Nothegger holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Innsbruck. He also completed a Master of Business Administration (MCI) at the Management Center in Innsbruck.
Dr Thomas Nothegger has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, mainly in the areas of Technical Operations (API and FDF), Product Development, Portfolio Management and Quality Management with a proven track record of successful turnarounds. He also successfully developed and implemented customer-centric strategies together with operational management. During his career, Dr Nothegger held global positions at Sandoz and Fresenius Kabi, gaining experience in Europe, North and South America and Asia. He is currently Head of Industrial Operations at Polpharma Group B.V..
Dr Thomas Nothegger supports Entourage as an advisory board member.

Entourage advisory Board hanns eberhard erle

Dr. Hanns-Eberhard Erle

Dr Hanns-Eberhard Erle holds a PhD in organic chemistry from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. Dr. Erle looks back on more than three decades of experience with global players in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The global product supply expert held executive and senior management positions at Merck KGaA, Aventis Pharma AG and Hoechst AG, among others, and was responsible for numerous plants in Germany and abroad. From 2007, he was Executive Vice President at Merck Serono, a member of the Executive Board, and as Head of Global Manufacturing & Supply he was responsible for production at 23 sites worldwide. Among other things, he built one of the world's largest biotech facilities in Vevey, Switzerland. Since 2014, Dr. Erle has been working as a freelance consultant.

Entourage advisory Board dr Andreas hartlep

Dr Andreas Hartlep

Dr Andreas Hartlep received diplomas in physics and medical physics. He also received his doctorate in physics from the German Cancer Research Centre and the Ruprecht Karls University in Heidelberg.
Dr Hartlep has more than 20 years of industry and relevant leadership experience from the medical technology sector, specifically in the areas of executive management, operations, R&D, M&A and venture capital. His main focus has been on restructuring companies at critical stages, executing international financings and M&A transactions, and growing and transforming young innovative companies into professional organisations, especially in the management of young companies and international strategic partnerships. During his career, Mr.. Dr Hartlep has received several entrepreneurial and scientific awards and 50 granted or pending patents.
Dr Andreas Hartlep supports Entourage as Advisory Board Medical Technologies and Devices.

Entourage advisory board markus boehringer

Dr. Markus Boehringer

Dr. Markus Boehringer studied veterinary medicine (LMU Munich) and completed his doctorate at the Institute of Human Medicine at the Technical University of Munich.
Dr Boehringer looks back on more than two decades in executive positions at renowned and globally active pharmaceutical and medical technology companies. For GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer he held Director positions in Marketing, Sales and R&D. After his time in the pharmaceutical industry, he switched to medical technology in 2000. Initially he worked for a German subsidiary of the dental group Dentsply, before becoming Managing Director of Dentsply Australia/NZ in 2005. Later he took over the management board for Dentsply Asia. After his return to Europe, he was responsible for the "Endodontics" board division and the EMEA sales division from 2012. After the merger of Dentsply and Sirona, Dr Boehringer served as Senior Vice President EMEA. He was also a long-standing member of the Supervisory Board of DIO Korea and several DentsplySirona subsidiaries in Asia and Europe.

Dr Sascha wettmarshausen

Dr Sascha Wettmarshausen

Dr. Sascha Wettmarshausen received his diploma in chemistry from the University of Hannover. He completed his doctorate at the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Berlin. He completed his postdoctoral studies at Imperial College in London as a DFG fellow.
Dr. Wettmarshausen is deputy managing director of the German IVD Association (VDGH). He also serves as vice chairman of the Committee Regulatory Affairs and the working group Notified Bodiesin the European association Medtech Europe. He has been involved in guidance documents on the IVD Regulation and in its implementation. in the European committees strongly involved.He is in close contact with the German Notified Bodies, the Ministry of Health, authorities and other stakeholders. He was also involved in the entire legislative process of the IVDR and is in constant contact with the EU institutions. Furthermore, he sits on various advisory boards such as the advisory board of the German Medical Association and the NAMed at the German Institute for Standardization (DIN).

Entourage advisory board johannes schmidt

Prof. Dr. Johannes Schmidt

Johannes Schmidt studied human medicine at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. During his training as a doctor of surgery, he completed his doctorate at the Institute of Physiology and Cardiology. Later, he additionally completed a Master of Health Business Administration at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.
Via positions as assistant physician and senior consultant, he was habilitated and received the authorisation to teach the subject "Surgery" with the appointment as private lecturer. After being elected head physician at the Lutherhaus Protestant Hospital in Essen (later Krupp Hospital Essen-Steele), he received the APL professorship for "Surgery". Prof. Dr. Schmidt was appointed Medical Director at the Lutherhaus Protestant Hospital in Essen and at the Academic Teaching Hospital of the Technical University of Munich in Landshut. Prof. Dr. Schmidt also received an honorary professorship from the University of Bucharest. Prof. Dr. Schmidt has also been active for many years in various supervisory board and executive board positions as well as an auditor.
Prof. Dr. Johannes Schmidt supports Entourage as an advisory board member.

Advisory Board dr. Christina ziegenberg

Dr. Christina Ziegenberg

Dr. Christina Ziegenberg can look back on a distinguished career in medical technology, the chemical industry and pharmacy. With an education at the HBLVA for Chemical Industry in Vienna, a diploma in pharmacy at the University of Vienna and a doctorate at the Private University of Liechtenstein (UFL), she has held management positions at Hilti Aktiengesellschaft, the Liechtenstein State Administration and most recently at BVMed, where she holds the position of Deputy Managing Director / Head of the Regulatory Affairs Department.

Entourage advisory board gerhard schaefer

Dr. Gerhard Schaefer

Dr. Gerhard Schaefer received his doctorate in organic chemistry from the University of Stuttgart in 1981. After his first professional positions in management positions in the areas of pharmaceutical development, quality control and quality assurance, he held management positions in business development at well-known companies such as Azupharma, Knoll, Stada, HEXAL and Sandoz. After being appointed to the Executive Board of HEXAL AG in 2003, Dr. Schaefer advanced to Managing Director of Sandoz International and Head of Global Product Development and Global Business Development following the acquisition of HEXAL AG by Novartis / Sandoz in 2005. In the period from 2005 to 2012, Dr. Schaefer was responsible for eleven global development sites. Since 2013, Dr. Gerhard Schaefer has been working as a freelance advisor and consultant for portfolio selection and product development at pharmaceutical companies in Germany, France and Poland.

Entourage advisory board guenther schoenrich

Prof. Dr. Günther Schönrich

Prof. Dr. med. Günther Schönrich studied medicine and philosophy at the Albert Ludwigs University in Freiburg and received his doctorate in medicine in 1985, specializing in cardiology. He completed his postdoctoral studies at the Institute of Immunology and Genetics of the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg. Mr. Schönrich has in-depth knowledge in the fields of microbiology, virology, infectious disease epidemiology, and immunology. Since 2006, Mr. Schönrich has been Deputy Director of the Institute of Virology (CCM) at Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

Advisory Board dr. Wilfried hauke

Dr. Wilfried Hauke

Dr Wilfried Hauke studied medicine at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich and received his doctorate in Frankfurt in 1991.
Dr. Hauke has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years and was responsible for the clinical development of small molecules and biologics in various positions. During his professional career, Dr. Wilfried Hauke was able to take on tasks as a Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance as a step-by-step plan representative for companies operating in Germany and set further focal points in risk-benefit analyses within the framework of due diligence processes, as well as rare disease / orphan drug development. Dr. Hauke has more than 35 years of industry experience and is a member of the Entourage Advisory Board for Medical and Clincial Research.