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Everything you need to know about Entourage.


Apply anyway! We will then decide together whether it is worth applying. If not, we will look for another job together that fits your needs and qualifications.

For the most part, they are. However, there are also jobs that are not yet online. So if you don't find a job that suits you, it's still worth sending us a speculative application or simply giving us a call.

Of course we do! Even if no suitable position is advertised online, we may still have a suitable position for you.
Send us an unsolicited application or give us a call: together we will discuss everything else.

Project Consultants are permanent employees of Entourage who work for clients on temporary projects. As soon as the project is finished, there is either the possibility that the customer takes over the Project Consultant in a permanent position or the Consultant continues to work for Entourage in a new project.

It's always worth contacting us. Even if you're not looking for a new job yet. Together we can explore possibilities and opportunities and determine your current market value.

No, that is not necessary! It is sufficient if you apply for one of the positions and indicate in your message that there are other positions you are interested in. Our employee will then take care of everything else.

You should always keep us in the picture as to whether you have applied for jobs independently or through another recruitment agency.

After you have sent us your complete application, the responsible employee will look through your documents and then get in touch with you. Either by e-mail or by phone.
In the first phone call, you will talk about your wishes and goals and make an initial assessment of whether and which jobs from our range are suitable for you.
In a further conversation, the sales consultant responsible for the company will talk to you and check whether you are suitable for the position. In this way, we can guarantee with a high degree of probability that you will sign the contract at the end of the application process.
After that, it's straight into the application phase. We forward all the necessary information to the company and keep you informed about interview dates.
Once an interview date has been set, we will prepare you for the upcoming interview in the best possible way.

The easiest way to apply is via our application form. Either directly to the position you want or as a speculative application.
This way, the consultant in charge knows directly which position you are applying for and can look at your documents before contacting you.
As soon as your CV and other documents such as references and certificates are available, our consultants can start working and find a suitable position for you.

The most important thing for us is an up-to-date CV. In addition, your name, telephone number and/or email address are important so that we can reach you.
Other documents such as certificates, references, cover letters and the like can also be submitted later if necessary. However, it does not hurt to include all relevant information directly in the application.

Data protection is very important to us. Precisely because we deal with people and sensitive, personal data on a daily basis, we pay very close attention to what information we pass on to third parties. 

Before we pass on a person's data, we always clarify whether the person agrees to this. 

We store our customers' data on secure servers within Germany.


At Entourage, we pay close attention to the quality of our candidates. We want to make the selection process as easy as possible for our clients. Therefore, we always try to send only really suitable candidates to our clients. On the one hand, this refers to professional qualifications, but we pay at least as much attention to the human component. In order to ensure a sustainable client relationship, we therefore aim to deliver a 100% match.

Especially in the case of permanent positions, the candidate's notice period must of course also be taken into account.

In project consulting, we often already have suitable consultants who can provide support in a very timely manner.

As a management and personnel consultancy in life sciences, we offer our clients comprehensive solutions for all challenges of the industry.

You are looking for new employees in permanent positions.

You are looking for support in projects at short notice.

You are looking for support in the strategic orientation of your company.

You are looking for strategic advice paired with people for concrete implementation.

Our tailor-made offer provides you with exactly what you need right now.

Contact us to find out more.

Regardless of whether we act for you as a management or personnel consultancy, we always pay attention to the highest possible quality and transparency. We attach great importance to sustainable relationships. The satisfaction of our clients is our top priority. We always keep you informed about all processes and news and involve you in all processes.


We take the challenges around COVID-19 very seriously and therefore do not take any risks. We have changed our interaction with our clients, applicants and colleagues as much as possible and communicate virtually and digitally as long as the situation requires.

With our offices in Munich and Basel, we mainly work in the DACH region. However, our work is not limited to the German-speaking region. We work with clients and candidates throughout Europe.

We fill all jobs in pharmaceuticals, medical technology and healthcare. The jobs we fill span all hierarchical levels and experience levels.

What jobs are you looking for?

We are at home in all areas of the pharmaceutical industry, medical technology and the healthcare sector, from young professionals fresh out of university or directly from training to experienced specialists with years of experience and managers at global level.

We at Entourage have specialised in the life science sector. Our employees know exactly what they are talking about. We don't just blindly send out CVs, but talk to people and thus gain insight into the applicants' wishes. This results in our applicants being a very precise fit for the advertised position and, what's more, they will also work for your company in the long term.

We are active in the life science industry. Especially in the pharmaceutical industry, the medical technology industry and the health care sector.