Case Study.

Increasing the overall effectiveness of the supply chain at a medical technology manufacturer.

Overall effectiveness of the supply chain.

The Challenge.

High stock levels, poor delivery reliability and lack of integrated planning and information processes across all interfaces. In addition, current procurement processes were not aligned with production capacities and actual demand. Finally, there was a lack of efficient resource planning and control as well as poor performance transparency.

The Benefits.

  • Establishment of cross-departmental management control loops and central balanced scorecard control for OSE
  • Implementation of a cross-departmental communication process
  • Optimisation of the material flow (Value Stream Mapping)
  • Improving supplier management and service level agreements
  • Control of resource, warehouse and inventory planning

The Outcome.


Increase in delivery planning


Transparency, demand forecast management, resource planning, flexibility and communication management


Increase in warehouse and inventory planning

The Result.

15% increase in supply chain efficiency in 6 months