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Project Consulting. The offer.

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The advantages of Project Consulting
at a glance.

Compared to permanent employment.

  • No headcount
  • On-site or remote use
  • Flexible project runtimes
  • Possible takeover
  • Resources available in the short term
  • Lack of expertise
  • Quality through permanent employees

Versus Freelancing.

  • Quality through permanent employees
  • Delegation of authority
  • Disciplinary enforcement
  • Combination of conception and operation
  • Professional interdisciplinary teams
  • Low fluctuation
  • Lower hourly rates

Become a part of the team.

Entourage is looking for life science experts.

Project Consulting. From initial contact to conclusion.

From our client's need to our support to joining the company.

Customer acquisition, research, recruiting
Project acquisition and research
  • Identification of the customer, initial contact and successful project acquisition by Sales Consultant
  • Research and initial contact on the candidate side on the part of the Research Consultant and initial qualification
Customer acquisition, research, recruiting
Long and short list, matching, qualification
Matching and qualification
  • Allocation of candidates according to long and short list
  • Discussion and project-specific qualification test
  • Matching and send-out of the profiles to the client
  • Feedback, selection of interview candidates and scheduling of appointments
Long and short list, matching, qualification
Briefing, interviews, observation
Briefing and interviews
  • Briefing with the candidate by Research and Sales Consultants
  • Participation initial interview
  • Debriefing and preparation for second selection interview
  • Conducting the selection interview on site incl. preparation and accompaniment by consultants
  • Selection and decision on the part of the client followed by negotiations with the candidate
Briefing, interviews, observation
Negotiation, conclusion, support
Signature and supervision
  • Contract negotiations supervised by sales consultants. Professional, fair and honest
  • Closure by clients and candidates
  • High-quality life science staffing with close and continuous supervision and support from Entourage consultants.
Negotiation, conclusion, support

Project Consulting. Our offer.
The three types of employment.

Service contract.

  • Project-related provision of permanent pharmaceutical or MedTec experts from Entourage
  • Tactical tasks with independent planning
  • Mix of onsite and offsite days, coordination of milestones and unlimited project duration
  • High project competence due to recurring tasks
  • No transfer of the authority to issue instructions to the client
  • Possible combination of strategic advice and operational implementation as well as monitoring

The client.

International pharmaceutical group active in sterile filling with several locations in Germany and over 10,000 employees in 2016.


Class A clean room for sterile production to be converted to a Class D clean room with isolator. Company is looking for an HVAC project manager for an estimated period of 2 years. Permanent position is out of the question as this is a one-off project. No freelance resource possible. Client must have authority to give instructions. Resource vice versa. Staff leasing impossible, as client has no headcount and expert is not to be taken on. Client needs a consultant permanently employed by Entourage to support the client on site.


Entourage works with the client to determine which service offering best suits their needs. Hire the appropriate project resource and provide it to the client on a project-by-project basis.


Vacancy filled within 8 weeks. Consultant with many years of experience with the market leader in sterile filling. The resource takes over project and construction management, can qualify and accept cleanrooms according to ISO standards and is responsible for pharmaceutical compliance issues.


Client receives authority to issue directives. The consultant of the entourage is operationally integrated into the company and receives authority to issue instructions. Avoidance of bogus self-employment through employee leasing and exclusion of risks from social security claims. The project can be extended indefinitely if necessary.

Highly qualified employee leasing.

  • Hiring out highly qualified scientists or engineers
  • Operational tasks with daily business tasks
  • Transfer of the authority to issue instructions to the client
  • Possibility of taking over and crediting the invoice to the brokerage commission
  • Free takeover possible from twelve months
  • No risks from bogus self-employment

The client.
International contract manufacturer with locations on three continents. Fully utilised site in southern Germany with permanent customer audits and inspections by authorities.

Interim occupation of the production management. High time pressure in filling the project vacancy. No freelance resource possible. Project resource deeply involved in operational processes. Client must be authorised to give instructions.

Identification of a suitable project resource. Employment of the technical pharmacist and transfer of the expert to the client.

Filling the vacancy within two weeks. Hiring out of the expert to the client with the option of taking over the interim head of production in a permanent position.

Ensuring the client's manufacturing capability through the use of a suitable expert. Avoidance of bogus self-employment through employee leasing and exclusion of risks from social insurance claims.

Contract for work.

    • Higher-level project assignment to permanently employed life science experts from Pharma, Medical Technology and HealthCare
    • Determination of the project results and calculation of the quantity structures to achieve the project objective
    • Liquidation of agreed expenses at the end of the project and milestones
    • High calculation security for the client
    • No transfer of the authority to issue instructions to the client
    • No risks from bogus self-employment
    • No involvement of the HR department and works council

The client.
Leading global provider of in-vitro diagnostics at one of the largest biotech sites in Europe with over 5,100 employees. The site covers research, development and production for the Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics divisions.

The client has to implement global dossiers for worldwide approval of IVD products for an upcoming registration in a few months. This requires classifying the existing product portfolio according to the new IVDR and conducting a gap analysis for the technical documentation of IVD products. Client needs a one-time resource, neither permanent nor freelance. Contract for work the best solution as works council does not need to be involved. Client pays for the result, Entourage takes care of the implementation.

Entourage looks for a resource to implement the assignment within the given timeframe. Client does not receive authority to issue instructions.

Entourage fills the position within a few weeks with experienced Entourage staff.

The Entourage resource implements the client's order within the specified project period. The client pays the pre-agreed price and receives the agreed result at the end of the project.

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