Case Study.

Sterile filling and packaging.

Implementation of Lean Six Sigma in a pharmaceutical company with focus on sterile filling and packaging.

The Challenge.

The initial goal was to reduce costs at the site and to implement a global Lean Implementation Programme. Some Lean aspects were partially, but only fragmentarily, implemented. An inefficient CIP and a high amount of disruptive factors were identified. Furthermore, inadequate resource planning, control and monitoring were observed. In addition, unrealistic process standard times were used as a basis for capacity planning. The staff did not share much of the change and were not fully convinced of the previous transformation.

The Benefits.

  • Implementation of an OEE measurability of all production lines present.
  • Reduction of disruptive factors through the definition of an efficient cleaning process of the equipment
  • Improving process stability through a Lean Six Sigma approach
  • Implementation of a new resource planning based on a realistic standard
  • Development of a sustainable process control and management system via suitable KPIs and digital dashboard

The Outcome.


the process standards and management frameworks


of OEE as well as organisational and technical losses


in process planning, key data reporting and efficiency management

The Result.

20% increase in OEE within 12 months