Entourage goes Italy.

With the foundation of Entourage Italy S.r.l. under the leadership of Managing Partner Claudio Puglisi in Milan, Entourage expands its business activities to Italy.
Entourage is pleased to announce the establishment of Entourage Italy S.r.l. under the leadership of Managing Partner Claudio Puglisi in Milan, Italy, to further the internationalisation of the company. The contracts were signed by the two founders and managing partners Moritz Haucke and Dominik M. Aumer as well as the new Managing Partner in Italy, Claudio Puglisi.


Claudio Puglisi is very happy about the foundation of the new subsidiary in Italy.
"I am very proud that we could finally sign the contract and that the ink is dry. The year has already started very promisingly for Entourage in Italy and I am very confident that we will celebrate great successes together during the year and in the future."
Dominik M. Aumer, Managing Partner and Founder of Entourage, believes that the Italian branch was just the beginning of Entourage's further expansion.
"Moritz Haucke, Claudio Puglisi and I have the same vision for the further development of Entourage in the coming years. With the foundation in Italy, we have broken ground. Together with our management team and employees across Europe, we will continue to grow and expand Entourage in the coming years."
Moritz Haucke, Managing Partner and founder of Entourage, is looking forward to the coming years.
"Italy is a very exciting market for the life science industry, both in pharmaceuticals and medical technology. The entire company will benefit from this move to Milan. In the coming years, we will continue to sharpen the profile of the company and develop into a universal solution provider in the life science industry, offering holistic solutions to our customers. I am very excited about Entourage's future together."

Short Profile Entourage.

Entourage is a Life Science consulting company founded in Munich in 2013. We inspire our team to tackle new challenges and support them to go extraordinary ways to achieve the best possible. We work with market leaders in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries to develop customized solutions that create connections that build success stories. Our unique approach of project and management consulting enables us to provide unique life science solutions to our clients. We believe that our diverse and interdisciplinary team of currently over 150 employees is our key to success.

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